Business Consultant & Advisor of the year

Abrar Ali Kayani wins FM. M&A® in the 12th Annual 2022 Business Excellence Awards

AAK & Co announced today that the FM-M&A Awards®, organizers of the world’s premier business awards programs and business ranking lists, has named Abrar Ali Kayani a winner in the Annual 2022 M&A Awards.

“I am thrilled and delighted that I have been awarded an FM-M&A Awards® in 2022. This recognition helps us work more efficiently and ambitiously for our clients,” said Abrar Ali Kayani. It’s been an exciting year for us and behind this distinguished success is our continued enthusiasm and drive to stay client focused. I believe this appreciation further corroborates our commitment to our clients”

“We are pleased to announce that the full list of winners of the 2022 M&A Awards has been published. The team at M&A awards, closely follow the developments across the business world, working meticulously with the movers behind some of the most important deals in the market. As such, we are well placed to recognize and celebrate the individuals, companies and advisory firms who apply their expertise to ensure such deals can happen.

Geopolitical turmoil and a pandemic-fuelled economic shock have led to a downturn in M&A this year, but the most ambitious minds in the sector have continued to pursue excellence despite obstacles. These awards are an opportunity for us to acknowledge these exceptional talents and their efforts in closing major deals across every industry. We would like to thank all contributors and participants in the 2022 FM-M&A Awards. Congratulations to our winners and finalists” said the judges at the award ceremony.

Special congratulations to Abrar Ali Kayani to become the winner of the M&A 2022 Award of Business and Consulting Advisors of the year!

About the FM. M&A Awards

Now in its 12th year the FM. M&A Awards celebrate excellence and exist to recognise and celebrate those companies and individuals who have delivered the highest quality results and have excelled in their clients’ expectations.

Each year, corporate companies and advisory firms help facilitate and complete some of the most significant deals across the globe. The M&A awards allow FM Team to acknowledge, recognise and celebrate those companies and individuals involved in the M&A industry.

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