Appointed as Judge of the Disruptor Awards in the USA

Abrar Ali Kayani has been asked to be a judge for the Disruptor Awards in the USA.

Abrar Ali Kayani, award-winning founder and CEO of AAK & Co, has been announced on the judging panel at the Disruptor Awards.

Disruptors exhibit remarkable perseverance, typically from scratch without adhering to conventional procedures or established business models. They leverage technology and contemporary tools to accomplish desired outcomes and operate with an unconventional approach, unencumbered by established industry norms. Disruptor possess a willingness to take on enormous challenges and find solutions for customers’ most significant pain points.

The primary objective of the Disruptor Awards is to acknowledge enterprises that have devised groundbreaking products, services, or business models, leading to the transformation of their industries. The awards program is open to organizations of all sizes, spanning various sectors and industries including but not limited to startups, SMEs, and large corporations.

Abrar States:

I am absolutely delighted to be serving as a judge for the Disruptor Awards 2023, following the success of previous event. As the past year has been tough for most businesses, the opportunity to evaluate these awards presents a chance to recognize and commend leaders who have genuinely made a positive impact. While financial outcomes are essential, my opinion is that demonstrating innovation, promoting diversity and inclusion, fostering employee engagement and culture, and prioritizing well-being are some of the factors that truly distinguish outstanding businesses and exhibit real resilience during challenging times”.

The evolution of consumer and end-user requirements, combined with disruptive technologies and solutions, is revolutionizing consumer experiences globally. However, legacy systems often lack the speed and agility necessary to accommodate and address these changing needs.